Cutters Offering New Opportunity for Stylists

cutting hair

Exciting changes are coming behind the scenes at Cutters Salon.

We're switching our business model to offer a chair rental option, which empowers stylists for business and personal success.

If you are an experienced stylist who wants to work at a salon known for cutting-edge techniques, call us at (989) 684-8925 today so we can explain all that we have to offer.

We're excited to offer an opportunity for skilled and experienced stylists to manage their own business  at Cutters Salon. 






Salon Hours

clock_iconAt Cutters, we work around your schedule. That’s why we have extended hours on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We can even arrange earlier hours by appointment. Call us today.

Mon, Wed, Thurs
9 to 8

Tues, Fri
9 to 5

Sat, Sun

Earlier by appointment

Location and Directions

(989) 684-8925
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